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Next Beginners’ Qi Gong Class on Saturday, Feb. 18

Dear Community Acupuncture Community,

We are pleased to offer this monthly beginners’ qi gong class to help support your health and wellness. The class will be taught by Charles Adamec, L.Ac. Charles is a skilled practitioner who has been teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong for over ten years.

Qi Gong for Health

Qi Gong for Health

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing art. The term Qi Gong means “to exercise with emphasis on the breathing.” This class offers a series of easy to learn exercises that integrate a variety of movements with deep, full breaths. Practicing Qi gong provides an immediate boost of circulation, which can reduce stress and fatigue and bring about greater mental acuity. Regular practice of Qi Gong can have long-term benefits such as regulating metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

Saturday, February 18 9 am — 10 am
$15 per class

Yellow Emperor Community Acupuncture Clinic
3111 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA 94703
(510) 227—4028

Community Acupuncture is Getting Noticed

The community acupuncture model has been around for less than a decade, but it is catching on quick here in the East Bay.

Click here to read the recent article on SFGate.

Community Acupuncture: a new trend in oakland

Article in the East Bay Express

A lot of patients who are new to acupuncture ask us, “What can acupuncture treat?” The answer is, yes, acupuncture can treat a lot of things.

A more interesting question is “How does acupuncture treat this?” If we had an easy answer for this question, we’d have solved an ancient riddle that has eluded sages for millenia….

Click the title below to read the article published last week in the East Bay Express about how auricular acupuncture is being used to benefit people trying to kick substance abuse habits.

Acupuncture for Detox

Three Berkeley clinics have been successfully treating substance abusers with acupcunture – though city funding cuts have hurt two of the programs.
By Judith Scherr

Woman sits with eyes closed, acupuncture needles around her ears.
Two dozen people sit around long tables, slim needles protruding from their ears and foreheads; some close their eyes, others stare into the distance. They don’t talk. The only sounds are the soft music vibrating through the large room and the hushed voice of acupuncturist Jane Weinapple, explaining how the acupuncture treatment will help alleviate stress and blunt the craving for drugs.

Click here to read the article.

Free Acupuncture this Sunday

Come by the clinic this Sunday between 11 and 3 for a free acupuncture treatment, in honor of May Day. Welcome the spring, and welcome our new acupuncturist, Megan Gould, who will be on hand to provide you expert treatments to balance your qi and introduce you to a bit of what we’re all about.

To learn more about the Community Acupuncture movement and the May Day tradition, click here.
come celebrate may day with us

Check us out in the Chron!

Joe Davis on SFGate dot com talking about sliding scales

A freelancer from the Chronicle interviewed Joe a week or so ago about our sliding scale. We wondered what would come of it…. Until  it turned up on! Ah, celebrity. We knew it would come. Click here to read the article.

Open House – August 14

Are you curious about our clinic? Have questions about acupuncture?

We’re having an Open House….

August 14, 2010

12 pm – 4 pm

… We’ll offer you a free treatment card and do the intake for free.

Our thoughts these days are on transitioning toward autumn:

Changing Seasons: Attuning Your Diet

The middle of August means we begin transitioning to fall in the Bay Area, but not without some of our hottest, driest summer weather yet. You can help your body adjust to the changing seasons by attuning your diet to the changing weather.

Summer means stay hydrated! Include light, cooling vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, sprouts and asparagus, and fruits like lemons, oranges, peaches, melons and watermelons, into your diet. Stay away from icy cold beverages and greasy food.

Fall means incorporate foods that will support your respiratory health. The vitamin A in broccoli, kale and mustard greens will help protect your mucous membranes. You should also include pungent foods like garlic, ginger, radishes, and orange vegetables like pumpkin, squash and carrots.

Acupuncture can also help you with seasonal adjustments by boosting your immune system, and helping to reduce the effects of stress.

Grand Opening / Open House

You are cordially invited to visit our new community clinic on Saturday,
March 27 between 1 and 6 pm. Bring your aches, ailments and questions, or
just your curiosity. We would be delighted to address them all.

We will be serving refreshments and giving out free treatment cards to anyone who stops by.

See you there!

We’re open!

Our soft opening has come and gone and now we are busying ourselves with getting the word out about our clinic. We are very pleased with how the interior of our clinic turned out and we think you will be, too.  Pictures coming soon. In the meantime, stop by!

Coming Soon

Hi and welcome to our  website! Our physical location is three blocks east of the Ashby BART station next to La Peña in South Berkeley. We are putting the finishing touches on our space so that we can be open by Friday, February 5th. We will be offering sliding scale community acupuncture treatments in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Come by and check us out!