Article in the East Bay Express

A lot of patients who are new to acupuncture ask us, “What can acupuncture treat?” The answer is, yes, acupuncture can treat a lot of things.

A more interesting question is “How does acupuncture treat this?” If we had an easy answer for this question, we’d have solved an ancient riddle that has eluded sages for millenia….

Click the title below to read the article published last week in the East Bay Express about how auricular acupuncture is being used to benefit people trying to kick substance abuse habits.

Acupuncture for Detox

Three Berkeley clinics have been successfully treating substance abusers with acupcunture – though city funding cuts have hurt two of the programs.
By Judith Scherr

Woman sits with eyes closed, acupuncture needles around her ears.
Two dozen people sit around long tables, slim needles protruding from their ears and foreheads; some close their eyes, others stare into the distance. They don’t talk. The only sounds are the soft music vibrating through the large room and the hushed voice of acupuncturist Jane Weinapple, explaining how the acupuncture treatment will help alleviate stress and blunt the craving for drugs.

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