Sliding scale can mean a lot of things.
For us it means that we expect patients to pay for services within a certain range ($25-$60), but we have a range rather than a set rate because we want you to pay what you can afford so that money isn’t the determining factor in your treatment plan.
Below is a chart to help you decide how much you can afford. It is important to us that you take your course of treatment seriously and come in as often and as many times as is necessary to get good results. If cost is a barrier for any reason at any time, talk to us.
We do not want you to discontinue treatment because you feel you can’t afford it. However, our continued existence as a community clinic is entirely dependent on your financial support for our services, so please pay what you can.

Income Recommended fee
$15,000 and under $25 + $10 first visit
$15,000 – $29,000 $30 + $10 first visit
$30,000 – $44,000 $40 + $10 first visit
$45,000 – $64,000 $50 + $10 first visit

We accept cash, check or credit card for payment.